The name; it comes from a line or author-less quote that has always resonated with me: “I think all anyone really needs is a good adventure.”  I created this forum to better document my own adventure.


Painful, 2014 was painful. It is a part of my adventure that I currently wish did not require recognition. I would be a liar if I said there were no ups, there were, oh there were some glorious ups. The trouble is, in the midst of these downs, I have difficulty shining light on the ups. My brain went into overdrive yesterday as everyone was talking about the break between 2014 and 2015, as if at midnight everything would change. How I wish that were true. I wish New Years really were reset buttons instead of arbitrary chunks of time, but they aren’t. So I know this heartache will continue, and that is, perhaps, the hardest part. But I also know it will expire, and I can’t wait for that day. Oh, I can’t wait. So I am here, resolving to spend all of my energy yearning for that day instead of letting this sadness eat me up. I am here creating this space to document my ups, and also my downs, to shine equal light on everything that molds me from here on out. In the end, it’s all necessary.




This blog will likely consist mostly of pictures, and few words from here on out. Cheers friends, and happy new year.


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