Hi There

My name is Amanda Emery, I currently reside in Houston, TX with my two dogs, WiFi and Motion. Mostly I enjoy sunshine and music and good vibes. Bright lights and skyscrapers make my heart race, but mountains and oceans make my soul rush. Still figuring that part out.

Currently, I am studying physics at the University of Houston, but plan to run away and see the world the moment I can. Follow my adventures here.

10; bad; loud.
Flawed and flawless, at the same time. Occasionally shares her wisdom with me, and occasionally drags me across the country to run in the finals in front of a cheering crowd. Mostly just wants to steal my (or your) food.
4; a whole universe that looks suspiciously dog-like; soulmate.
I don’t think I ever believed in souls until I purchased a black and white piece of my own. He’s made of magic and stardust (and more recently steel). He and I just returned from outer space, we’re now trying to remember how gravity works.
(see: Clean; April 2015)




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